Tailor-made excursions
on four wheels.

Tire services at Valderøy and Brattvåg

At our branch in Valderøy and in Brattvåg (Brabil) we offer both tire changing, tire hotel and sale of tyres/rims. 

Changing of tires

In our two tire departments, we offer tire changing with modern equipment. Fast and efficient. We also offer balancing, turning of tires/rims and sale of new tires/rims.

Change of tires

Tire storing

Trips of Norway offers storing of tires. Included in the price is tire change, check of tires before the next change, washing of tires / rims and storage in the tire rack.

Tire storing

Sale of tires
and rims

We are a dealer of Norgesdekk and Straco. We offer tires and rims in all price ranges!

Short delivery time!


24-hour laundry room

At our facility on Valderøya, you can easily wash both cars and motorhomes. Modern facilities that are easy to use with both card payment and Vipps. At times, we also offer interior and exterior car wash for our customers.