Film and tv productions

We offer rental of experienced drivers and crew for productions throughout the country.

Our crew has extensive experience with everything from VIP transport, passenger cars, 9-seaters, vans, pickups, motorhomes, minibuses, buses and trucks. We go to great lengths to offer whatever you need and want and fix most things. We have a base of over 100 drivers covering several classes. Dedicated drivers within VIP with licenses for passenger transport.

Trips of Norway VIP bobil


These are some of the productions we have been involved in in Norway:

James Bond – No time to Die
Mission Impossible 6.7
Marvel – Black Widow
More Than Ever
The Hanging Sun

To see more productions we have been involved in, have a look here: IMDB – Trips Of Norway

VIP Motorhome

Our VIP motorhome is used for actors, directing, DOP and what is necessary during film production. This has a specially built toilet with water closet, has a large shower, complete kitchen and all facilities.

In addition to driver services, we also offer everything within coordination, transport plans, budget and scouting/inspection.

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Trips of Norway VIP bobil