VIP Transport, Driverguide & Host

Sightseeing, transfer or the ultimate tailor-made trip?

Ålesund and Sunnmøre are a mecca for fantastic excursions and hidden treasures. We are happy to tailor an experience for you and your group in all price ranges where car, accommodation and various activities are adapted to your needs. These range from hourly/day trips to several days. Contact us directly and we will help tailor unique experiences and new memories to the memory bank!

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Get in touch if you want to hire a car for a special occasion. Our most popular wedding car is our pearl white Mercedes GT AMG. This one is just amazing!

Our VIP cars

Our exclusive cars are new, very comfortable, top equipped and licensed for passenger transport.

Mercedes V-Class 7’s
Mercedes EQS 580
Porsche Taycan
Porsche Cayenne

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VIP Motorhome

Imagine that you have just come down from a mountain hike with spectacular views, the sweat is running down your back and your stomach is rumbling. At the foot of the mountain is a VIP motorhome fully equipped with access to a toilet, shower and the possibility to change clothes. The fire pan is lit and delicious grilled food is enjoying itself over the flames. Sheepskin lies in comfortable chairs and you can enjoy the evening sun in peace and quiet. Maybe we have fished a bit on the trip too? Unique experience that is recommended!

VIP Motorhome:
Chartago QB

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